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Our building has been designed with the environment in mind — from the décor that reflects the beauty of the natural surroundings to the materials used to construct, decorate and furnish the rooms. We are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment and use green building practices wherever possible.

We are very proud to be among the first businesses and buildings in Santa Cruz County to be registered for certification by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. LEED certification is awarded by the US Green Building Council, a national coalition of leaders from the building industry, government, and other organizations working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsibility, profitable and healthy places to live and work. Eco-friendly features at the Roadhouse include:

  • Incorporating drought-tolerant native plants in our landscaping, and ornamental flower beds
  • Energy star rating electrical equipment thorough out the building.
  • Heating and sound insulation using recycled blue jeans.
  • Low VOC paints, glues and carpets and other materials used within the building. Rapidly renewable carpets and other materials used in construction.
  • Full program of green cleaning using no harsh or toxic chemicals.
  • Attention paid to indoor air quality through above standard fresh air introduction.
  • Efficient use of water within the building both through waterless urinals to low flow faucets.
  • High level of recycling of waste materials including composting of food waste from the restaurant.
  • Installed sustainable soft wood flooring (cork) to support the joints of our staff and provide sound insulation.
Wine ClubRoadhouse Wine Tours

Throughout the summer we will be offering public and private wine tours of the Santa Cruz Mountains by local tour company Santa Cruz Experience.  A great addition to any vacation or special event, don't miss this opportunity taste some of the best wine California has to offer!

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Massage at the Roadhouse

Get ready for total relaxation!

Enjoy an on-site massage at the Roadhouse.  More information.


Food & Wine Feature

We invite you to join us for our Meet the Winemaker dinners pairing the best from over 98 boutique vineyards and winemakers with our fresh and exceptional coastal cuisine.  Click here to receive our Newsletter for details.